About Us

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Dean likes to think of himself as the comedy brain-child of Dave Chappelle and Larry David, although he often gets mistaken for his “accent”. He was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL. and after graduating from Florida State with a degree in Psychology, returned to his hometown to analyze all his friends. He considers himself a hopeless optimist, and would rather occupy his mind with positive energy, than the inevitable negative. Life is too short and unexpected not to enjoy every moment for what it’s worth. He has an intense jealousy of experience, that drives him to try almost anything and everything twice (because the first time could be a fluke). When he’s not competing on the Jiu Jitsu mats, he’s either telling jokes on stage or slangin’ that sweet, sweet dick. He’s the co-host of “The Relatables”, and while we took our leave of absence, started hosting his very own show, “Your Friends Favorite Podcast.” If this bio made you want to swipe right, check out his page on Instagram or follow his meme-riddled podcast Instagram account. Check out his interview with Sareth Ney here.


Zach is pretty unremarkable. He’s writing this out right nowIMG_8144.jpg and has no idea what to say about himself. He’s originally from Jacksonville, Florida, has a bullshit college degree in business and currently resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan (for some reason). Nothing is good enough for him but at the same time he seemingly accepts most things for what they are because he doesn’t really do much about anything. Did that make ANY sense? He’s dabbled in just about everything but can’t seem to put it all together and do what he really wants to do. The podcast is a perfect distraction for him as he gets to laugh and shit around with his best friend while flushing out ideas and his obvious contradictory thoughts. He’s also on Instagram but don’t follow him.



Residing in Orange County, California, Jade is one of our content creators, with experience in using her big hair to sneak jays into music festivals, and saying she wants to take shots of tequila but proceeding to gag for about 5 minutes afterwards.  She was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida – and after graduating from the University of North Florida she relocated to the west coast to shimmy her way into a Project Coordinating career in Civil & Environmental Engineering.  She’s noticed that in California, it’s socially unacceptable to introduce yourself without saying what your sign is immediately after – so she wanted us to mention she’s a Capricorn with a passion to live, experience, be happy, and remain flexible about change…well that’s what her horoscope said today but it’s not wrong.  She thrives on bringing inclusion and joy to everything she does – Because she believes that life is way more fun when she’s not the only one having it.  Fueled by a love for living in the moment, Jade also enjoys traveling, performing stand up comedy, and aiding in producing local comedy shows all over OC. Check her out on Instagram (@jadefrancissca) where she showcases drunken stories that she has to wake up and delete the following morning out of sheer embarrassment!