Distraction is everywhere and it takes many forms. Distraction is so sneaky that it can hide in the things you do that make you feel productive. Distraction feels good now but is stored like fat for future anxious energy. Distraction smells like the healing of the nation and tastes like Jumbo Hostess Iced Honey Buns. Distraction feels like a warm, wet tug, in front of a bright screen in a very dark room. Distraction is one more episode. Distraction is hoping he or she will change. Distraction is writing about life instead of living it. Distraction is writing a blog? Distraction is reading a blog about how a guy questions whether or not writing the blog is a distraction. “Diss”-“Traction” (say it in your best open mic poet cadence). Distraction shouldn’t be a one way street. Distract me for a little while. Distract anyone, as the more distraction you create, the more your worth. Distraction is a trillion dollar industry. Distraction would be googling that last sentence. I’ve got one minute left. Sorry this is a short post. I got distracted today.

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