Episode 161: “Bird Watcher”

We talk about Valentine’s day rapidly approaching, that stripper that fell from the ceiling, “bird watchers” at the park and remind you to shop through our Amazon banner on the site (TheRelatables.com).

Episode 160: Make The Most

We talk about how sports agents like their athletes to have white girlfriends, being the best vs. making the most, Dean’s imperviousness to the “N” word and digital dating etiquette among generations new and old. Shop through the Amazon banner on our site (TheRelatables.com)!

What people think vs. what you think

Late post alert. But better late than never right? But this weeks post is about balance. I feel like this is a pretty relatable topic. Everyone has some issue with overthinking or “not giving a fuck”.

On one hand, you have overthinking or caring too much about what other people think. This can keep you from doing things and build resentment and regret. All while second guessing yourself into stagnation. I understand that you must think before you act, but this is about overthinking. When you overthink, it’s usually because you care too much about what other people think. Which I feel is valid. The same way I feel like anyones experiences and opinions are valid. If someone thinks you are rude, right or wrong, that experience is true to them. So there is validity in how you present yourself to the world and how people interpret your existence.

On the other hand, you have “not giving a fuck” or just caring about what you think. This one seems to be becoming more and more popular, for its sense of liberation I’m guessing. If you have to be more one the the other I would say “don’t overthink shit”. Many times we are the ones that keep ourselves from our own goals through stagnation. Just do it. You might make mistakes or burn bridges but in a sense you’re falling forward, I guess. You need to have self confidence, but can’t become so self consumed that you create an echo chamber of your own ideas.

Here’s the Thing. You need a healthy balance of both. You need a thick skin and confidence in your own ideas and also to be sensitive to how you effect others. Sometimes we don’t give a fuck, like hangin or going out with friends, and other times we overthink shit, like getting nervous for a job interview. Find the balance.

Mixing Worlds

I have trouble mixing worlds sometimes. Like I don’t want to mix my work life with my comedy life, my comedy life with my family life and I definitely don’t want to mix my “life life” with any one of those.

Most of you are confused (as you should be) because this makes no fucking sense. For those it does make sense for, we have to do better. Your worlds should always be colliding and making each other better. If you can’t mix your worlds, maybe one of them isn’t for you.

If you’re scared to introduce your significant other to your friends, one or the other doesn’t belong. If you can’t be the same person you are at work with your friends, why work in a place you don’t feel comfortable? You spend at least 40 hours a week around people who you can’t be yourself around? Fuck that.

I think I’m afraid of mixing because I know I don’t behave the same in either world. I’m afraid of letting my guard down to let people see vulnerabilities and inconsistencies between varying “worlds”. Maybe I’m just a big fat phony. Maybe I’m just SO self aware that I recognize it and others don’t. I don’t know.

What I do know is that you when I mix the worlds, they usually get along just fine and my anxiety dampens as soon as I realize no one really cares. Everyone usually gets along and can relate on some level or another.

Don’t be like me, mix your worlds.