Rebelliousness used to sound way cooler/tighter/doper/fire/morefire/flame before the new millennium. It doesn’t sound as cool anymore because of the way years are numbered. Think about it, “I had a really bad acid phase in the 2010’s”, doesn’t have the same bite as, ” Things were way groovier back in the 70’s.” Rebellion isn’t quite like what it used to be. While the creation of the Internet and social media has brought like minded people together, it has also diluted our healthy skepticism of government. This sounds too much like the intro to a Youtube conspiracy video, but really, we’ve all gotten so stuck in our echo chambers that we’re fighting against each other instead of actual oppression. We’ve created so many genders that the bathroom tile industry has gotten way too robust. The ethos used to be of “one people, one race, equality”, and not progressives actively push to be put on boxes and label people oppressive or oppressed. How can you say someone is punching up or down? Wouldn’t that imply that one group is “better” (for lack of a better word) than another. I’m kind of getting off of the point of rebelliousness here but I think in some way this all connects. Bottom line is, the more groups you have, the less strength in numbers. Less strength in the aspect of morale and cohesiveness to keep the powers at be in check.  Do you think people art getting less rebellious? Do you think I’m making any sense at all right now? It is just before midnight on a Saturday night and I’ve tasted a wee bit of vodka, so be easy on me.

Also, if you have anything you’d like to contribute or maybe want my thoughts on, email the podcast @ or comment on the post! See you tomorrow.

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