Party Called Life

I was born with a serious disability called sobriety.  The side effects include things like having difficulty concentrating on daily tasks, high anxiety, frequent mood swings, and over time, permanent damage to my retinal tissue since I’ll often experience the irresistible urge to go on early morning hikes and stare at the sunrise.  I think as a society we’ve been doing a great job with unveiling the stigma against mental health…That’s great, I love what we’re doing there…  But what about the stigma against sobriety?! WHY IS IT that when I’m self-medicating (successfully), and having the time of MY life (because I’m a happy drunk), people assume I may have a problem? Ok obviously joking here…but on a serious note: I’m 27 years old, 3 years from 30, and I keep hearing this message from people that I’ll need to “slow down” soon.  I don’t think I ever need to slow down to settle down (I used to though).  I’ll slow down on the drinking and partying and living my life to the fullest whenever I slow down on the drinking and partying and living my life to the fullest.  There’s no magic number for when that should or does happen?  Am I not “grown up” because I still like to party? No.  People fundamentally, at their core, don’t change.  The message: I’ll ALWAYS be the girl…or ahem…the woman, who loves her bottomless mimosas (hold the OJ) and brings as much fun as she can to this party called “life”.

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