Conserve Your Judgement

I’ve heard that CA is where liberals go to die.  I thought I had the liberal political scale thing figured out (I’m a Poli Sci major, w00t)…until I came to California. There are outrageous gas prices, ridiculous income taxes, third highest homelessness rate in the United States, 1st and 3rd worst traffic in the nation …The fact that I can’t expect to pay less than $1,500 to land a semi decent studio can get under my skin sometimes. Ok, all the time. But none of that is why my libertard brain was jarred. At LA Pride this past weekend, I saw a vivid culture promoting love for all, no matter who you are or what you choose to be (beautiful concept!). But there I was, thinking I didn’t belong because I’m a “straight” chick, in a crowd full of LGBQT’s. I had to remind myself that my every day, around a majority of hetero people, is also their every day. And then I asked myself, what even is this ‘my’ vs ‘their’ lingo. We’re all in this. It is actually our every day. Their fight is our fight. All this is just to say, it is incredibly eye opening to have your perceived open mindedness challenged from time to time – and better yet, to be given the opportunity to correct your behavior to line with your expanding convictions. Life has a fantastic way of always reminding us that the only thing we know for sure, is that we know nothing at all.

Still, fuck these gas prices though.

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