It’s My Birthday

It’s not my birthday. It just feels like it, except better.

I’m seeing my favorite artist close out a tour they started in 2017 this weekend. It’ll be my 11th time. They have 2 show dates for people who couldn’t make the 1st date – I’m going to both.

I have traveled across the country for them, changed my move to California from my hometown date because I heard they were coming, I’ve spontaneously driven 6+ hours to see them in San Francisco for NYE and had to drive back in less than 24 hours…I’ve sat in 4+ hours of traffic to see them in Vegas, I’ve been sick with the flu in San Diego and laid on the grass at a festival feeling like death for hours waiting for their set, and when it started it was like I wasn’t sick at all anymore (I paid dearly when it ended)… and now I’m going up to Los Angeles two days in a row to see the same show twice

I know a lot of people think I’m ridiculous (I prefer passionate) for my uncanny obsession with ODESZA – but all I have to say to that is I am so happy I found something in life that makes me THIS HAPPY.  To have an experience make me feel like nothing else does (that’s right, better than sex), DESPITE all the shittiness and voids there are in life?? Something as simple as a show temporarily erases all of that for me; Anyone mad at that is just bitter. The memories of 20 year old Jade falling in love with a sound as I learned to navigate some harsh realities on my own are part of what make it so special, and I think everyone can relate to something like that.  

I plan to cry my eyes out this weekend (I’m not a crier and it won’t be because of any drug influence either)…They say your wedding is supposed to be THE best day of your life….I mean unless ODESZAis DJ’ing the damn thing there’s no way it’ll be mine. 😉

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