Being the Best vs. Staying the Best

It takes a certain kind of person to strive to be the best. That, plus an incredible amount of determination to become it. But the reason why some are seen as the greatest of all time or legends, is because the consistency they achieved to stay the best.

Growing up and even now, I always equated this to athletes like Micheal Jordan or Jon Jones. Micheal Jordan was one of my sports idols growing up, not just because of Space Jam, but because the legacy he left in his presence and wake. I once heard it phrased that “Jordan kept a lot of Hall of Famers from getting rings”. As a Jacksonville Jaguars fan, I know what it’s like to have a good season, only to be figured out and squelched the next.

Maybe it’s luck or circumstance, but it’s not impossible to get to the top. But once you’ve been figured out, your not a flash in the pan, people see your weaknesses, and people are driven to beat you. That’s when true greatness is tested. To be a truly unstoppable force is to succeed in the face of constant hungry challengers.

As usual, I don’t know where I’m going with this, and managed to ramble till it all ran together. But I think I say that to say this. Dream beyond your goals. If attaining your goals is the end, once you do, the thrill is gone. But like my mom always says, “Be the best at getting better!”

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