Here’s The Thing….

Over the past year, I’ve been really learning how to become a professional. In the sense that things need to be done.

Rome wasn’t build in a day, but it also wasn’t built when they felt like it. I think everyone struggles with “feelin it”. If not, then maybe this could be about mental illness instead of professionalism. Really it’s just riding the roller coaster between uber motivated and driven and then riding through feelings of stagnation and unproductive thoughts.

This week was just one of those lull weeks. Was late to work, a cheap meal turned into a cheap day, that turned into a cheat weekend. Then I’m stuck to pull myself out of the hole I’ve created, to hold myself accountable to the person I want to become. It’s just like Zack and I talked about in the last episode. Once you have integrity or a standard, it is very hard to go back. I know that being healthy and responsible is who I want to be, and I can’t justify making excuses.

Some days I feel like I’m really on to something, like I figuring things out. Then days like last week, you realize you have a lot of growing up to do. C’est La Vie.

*This was edited, after the fact. But no one will notice.*

*except Zack*

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