Tru vs Truth

And, Action! I didn’t have clever intro for this topic, so I decided to give the reader a job (Director) and put words in their mouth…

Anyways I was thinkin’ of a thought, and the idea thunk was just because something is Tru doesn’t make it Truth.


The space that people experience and live their day to day lives is Tru. How you were raised, the places you went, the movies you’ve seen, that’s all Tru. I think Tru is something that happened to you, that is undeniable. An experience that you live through and rationalized, and concluded “I don’t drink tequila” for example. It something that you’ve had an experience with and set a rule and tru to it. Or maybe “getting in shape is too hard”, that’s tru. Getting in shape is hard and if you’re not in shape, and thinking that, it’s too hard.

But just because something is Tru, doesn’t make it the Truth.


If Tru is what happens to you, then Truth is what happens to everyone. Truth isn’t validated by just one or two people’s opinions, but everyone’s “collective”. (Almost there…). The truth might be, “you drank tequila irresponsibility once…a couple times, trying to be kool and horribly regretted it that night, the next morning, the next afternoon, and now associate the substance with the feeling, and would rather talk than drink…”. Just a thought. Or, the Truth could be that “getting in shape is simple, but that doesn’t make it easy”. Living at a calorie deficit is not easy, especially to get used to, but that’s the de sip line of committing yourself to something you know will be worth it to you. Working out a little bit everyday is easy, you can do squats where you stand, and people still “don’t have time” to even start the littlest of things. Truths are hard, and they can’t be justified by personal experience.

Here’s The Thing, a lot of people who think they are “Living their Truth” are just “Living their Tru”. And as usual, I start strong and fade into the bushes. As always, Stay Relatable!

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