Mental Health

I’ve been wanting to write about this one for a while but haven’t felt the motivation after the spark. But I’ve been sick lately, and I have not been feeling myself.

Aside from the normal not being able to breathe and the constant headache, I’ve been in a heavy fog. I’ve felt drained of energy, lack my usual enthusiasm, and have had an ominous negative feeling hovering around. I used to think I was really in tune with my body and how it felt, but now I feel like it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

After talking to my mom, she asked if I had been drinking enough water and sleeping well. Both of which were a no. I’ve been trying to “do so much” with my time that I had overlooked those 2 important things. I can’t say that’s the reason, but it certainly hasn’t helped how I feel.

My original post was gonna be about getting in shape, and getting your body in a healthy place, so that you can have better mental health. Kind of in relation to overweight and unhealthy people having negative thoughts or world views. I know that when I’m in this fog, everything seems like so much more of a burden, like I can physically feel the weight of each thought and action. In this state it’s easy to lash out or blame others, but when I feel healthy, that fog is lifted and I feel free to move through this life untethered.

Here’s The Thing. I considered not doing this anymore. A lot lately. But I like to think that this is just temporary, and think when I’m out of this fog everything will be ok. It might not, I get that, but at least I would know that it wasn’t my health affecting my decisions. The same for mental health for unhealthy people. Get it shape for your own sake, and it might be possible you still feel the same way, but at least you’ll know for sure.

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