Daily Blog #1

This is just a test. A test of the website and a test of my imagination. If this shows up on the podcast feed, I will be so pissed. I just spent an hour researching how to best do a “dual blog” on this motherfucking website. Anywho, it’s Zack writing. I’m going to try to do this everyday. It won’t be long and the writing won’t be strong but you can be rest assured that this thang will get as nasty as a stripper’s thong. Eh. What should I write about? Can whomever is reading this give me suggestions? Do you want to contribute to The Relatable’s site? If so, let me know. Shoot an e-mail to TheRelatablesPodcast@gmail.com or text me (904) 705-1431. I’m a little nervous to put my number out there but maybe if I show a little vulnerability, someone will be vulnerable with me/us and we’ll get a dope content contributor for the site. The perfect “contributor” doesn’t exist but we will want you to be consistent. Write about whatever you want. Write in your voice. Write like no one’s watching…because at first no one will be. Hah! I’m out.

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