Episode 175: Look Into It

We’re back. We talk about stuff that’s gone down since we’ve been out- Chris D’elia, Bryan Callen, Joe Biden, and other guys like that. ACE Alliance. NBA Playoffs. Still no standup. Dean’s still a Carmelo Anthony dick rider.

Episode 144: Mommy Whistleblower

A lady turns her son in to the cops for allegedly plotting an attack on his school, another person gets shot by a cop minding their own business in their own home and the guys try to figure out why black people are “snitches” and white people “whistleblowers”.

PNV Jay – Glizzy 2

Kembe X – Voices

Episode 142: California of the South

Plato’s Closet, Minshew mania, North Korean flash drives, Dean got rear ended, Zack wants to start a t-shirt company and the ice cream truck is racist.

MLMA (@melovemealot) – Viral

Joe Ely – Gallo Del Cielo

Episode 124: 23 Like Mike

The guys discuss “Loqueesha”, “Soulman”, NBA Playoffs (Sonya Curry), why we’re not having sex anymore and zombie raccoons in Chicago. Dean goes running and Zack reveals his number. Also, will Hydro-UFC exist in the future? Use the amazon link for all your shopping to support the show!

City Girls – Act Up

Vampire Weekend – Harmony Hall