Such Inlighten

I think it would be cool to go back and give people from the past futuristic drugs. Like what if we could go back to the 1700’s and give all of the Colonial soldiers cocaine? Would the US have won the Revolutionary war sooner because they had more energy or would we be sniffling slaves with English accents? I’d really want to give a caveman acid. Imagine a dude in a loincloth trying to pantomime all of the secrets of the universe as trees and seas melt all around him. “Bam-Bam enlightened now?!” Bringing new age drugs to the past would obviously cause a few hiccups in the timeline, right? It undoubtedly would have sped progress up a little bit. Instead of swing dance in the 1920’s, soldiers would have been pop-locking (and dropping) on their return trip home from the Great Moon War between Earth and the Mars colony. Would there even have been war if psychedelics were more ubiquitous early on? Where is this going? I don’t think I know for sure but I do think there is a bigger message here though. It doesn’t have to necessarily pertain to drugs. I think that the more we stifle things such as ideas, thoughts, feelings, drugs, emotions, etc., it stunts our growth. Growth to you could mean financial or familial but growth to me is about learning how to create that perfect balance of contentment and hope or desire for things to come. I think the drug war has caused an arrested development for global growth. While I don’t think that you NEED to ingest something to become “enlightened”, I do think psychoactive substances are catalysts for growing the collective subconscious. Maybe this was all the proof you needed for the war on drugs. Idk. Time’s up. See you tomorrow.

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