Learn how to Learn

My mom had a saying that I’m pretty sure she made up, but it has always stuck with me. I even have it written on my wall.

“The best at getting better” -Mom

It’s a really simple, and very humble way to approach progress. I’ve always wanted to be a jack of all trades, be open to all possibilities, and try everything. When I was younger, I used to call myself “The Natural” (on video games lol). But it had to do with that fact that I pick up on things quickly. The more things I try and the more things I learn, the better I get at trying and learning new things. I’ve learned how to learn. Looking back on school, I’ve tried to think about it more as learning how to learn, than learning what you need to know. Of course there are things you learn in school that you need to know, but I feel the majority of what you do is learn how to learn, that way when you do find something you are passionate or interested in you have the tools to get better at it. Learning how to problem solve, how to research, how to work with others- those are all basic skills you need to get better at anything in life. Changing my perspective to appreciate that fact has helped me become better at getting better, because I understand the process and what it takes to get better, at anything…whether it’s slack line, comedy, relationships, or running.

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