Episode 176: Chasing The Dime

We talk what matters most in relationships, Zack’s retirement plan, Tik Tok’s Addison Rae, NBA Playoffs, secret celebrity kids and abortion. Shoot us an e-mail at TheRelatablesPodcast@Gmail.com or visit the site (TheRelatables.com) and comment directly on the episode!

Episode 175: Look Into It

We’re back. We talk about stuff that’s gone down since we’ve been out- Chris D’elia, Bryan Callen, Joe Biden, and other guys like that. ACE Alliance. NBA Playoffs. Still no standup. Dean’s still a Carmelo Anthony dick rider.

Episode 174: The “R” Word

We figure out the worst thing you can call a white person nowadays, talk about the police shoving that old man to the ground, Reddit co-founder (AKA Super Simp), black squares, NBA returning and ugly black and white traits.