Episode 150: Polyester Piss-Pants

Dean reveals his new “Stay Relatable” tat. Zack and the other neighborhood kid kill mammals. The guys talk about their out of town “open mic” experience and task the listeners with finding an open mic venue of their own.

Trippie Redd – Lil’ Wayne

The Chats – Smoko

Tell Me Who I Am

Imagine waking up and not knowing who you are. Luckily you remember your twin brother who helps you put back together the pieces. But what if he left things out to “protect” you. One is trying to remember and the other is trying to forget. How would you feel?

This documentary is so good and how they tell the story, really pulls you in. It helps you connect with the brothers as you understand both their sides of the story. I’m not crazy for docs’, but Tell Me Who I Am is definitely “Relatable”.

Fit out of Fear

Lately I’ve been really trying to get back on top on my fitness. I was working to free up some space on my computer and found an old college video of me, when I was working on my handstands. At the time, Instagram fitness was just blowing up, and I was going to the gym 6 times a week along with drinking protein shakes and taking supplements. I looked impressively ripped….to myself. Like at the time I didn’t think I was that big, and wish someone would have told me lol. But I bring that up, because it has re-motivated me to get back to that shape, then even better.

In all honesty, I choose to stay in shape out of fear. Fear of a lot of things, getting out of shape, fear of being lesser than others, or fear of a stupid death.

The first is the fear of getting out of shape. I realized at a young at that it is much easier to stay in shape than it is to get in shape. It’s such a slippery slope when you start to fall, whether it’s a relationship or an office job or kids. Life comes at you first and will sit you down and get you off your game. Once sedentary becomes a lifestyle, it’s very hard to re-motivate into action. Plus it’s a lot easier to keep a 6 pick when you can see them fade away, as opposed to trying to work off a gut and never having a visual representation of your progress until near the end. I never felt very attractive growing up, so I also stay fit out of fear of feeling unwanted. I don’t want to be ugly and out of shape. Even if you don’t think I’m good looking or cool to hang out with, I damn sure will not be repulsive to look at. Maybe it’s vain, but it helps me 🤷🏾‍♂️.

(Side note- also, who doesn’t want to hook up with an athlete?! Sex is way better with strength, cardio, and coordination.)

The second is a fear of being lesser than others. I think I’ve referenced before that I loved James Bond growing up and wanted to become a jack of all trades just like he was. He could do anything. From chase down a villain, to driving a helicopter, to surviving torture, and picking locks. We only get 1 flesh vessel in this life and I want to experience life to the fullest, and try all things. This requires me to be fit enough for all situations. I want to be able to do American Ninja Warrior if I wanted, or play basketball or run a marathon. I don’t like when people say, “I could never do that” or “now you’re just showing off”. I don’t want to feel lesser than anyone, so I stay fit enough to keep up with everyone.

The last is fear of a stupid death. I feel like if you can’t connect with the other 2, everyone can understand the fear of a stupid death. I work at a gym, and I always ask my clients who say they don’t like to run, “what would you do if there was a shooter at the mall or a terrorist attack?” Maybe it’s just how I think, but I don’t want to die because I couldn’t run a few miles without losing my breath. Or to fall off a cliff, because I can’t do even 1 pull-up to save myself. I want to be able to save myself, whether it’s running from danger or lifting something off of a friend or loved one, or pulling myself out of something. Having the basic physical confidence to know that I can run, jump, lift, or address any situation optimally is a huge motivation for me. Even as far as training in martial arts, and learning to defend myself. Most people say their adrenaline will kick in, but so will someone’s who is trained and fit. Maybe it’s just me, but why not have the advantage instead of hoping for luck. Not to mention maintaining a fit body to stay healthy and avoid self inflicted illness.

Here’s The Thing. I get body positivity and loving yourself. But love yourself enough to be afraid. To be afraid of losing your youthful vigor, to be afraid of being less than your worth, to be afraid of throwing it all away. Find what motivates you, but for me, I stay fit out of fear.

Episode 149: Fuck Sauerkraut

The guys ponder whether or not their parents would be cool if they were gay. As always, the guys work out bits and just have a super time time good. Dean has a firm stance on sweet potato vs. pumpkin pie and Zack will never be likable.

Waylon Jennings – Never Been To Spain

Foo Fighters – Come Alive

Dolemite Is My Name

Eddie Murphy is another one of those guys, for me, that can do no wrong. From stand up to movies he’s been excellent. Dolemite Is My Name is one of his best performances yet. He’s funny, sincere, genuine, and with a star studded cast, this based on a true story tale is nothing short of 2 thumbs way up. 4 flames on the 🔥 scale. The movie is good from start to finish and worth doing the extra research to see how influential Rudy Ray Moore truly was. Netflix does it again, this movie is definitely “Relatable”.

The Art of Apologies

A close friend of mine’s boyfriend recently messaged me to tell me he never liked me because I’m loud..and obnoxious. And like, he’s not wrong..


But I received an apology (for lashing out) a few days later because he was mad about something that didn’t really have to do with me, and he completely misread a situation…He just forgot one little detail. To apologize for calling me loud and obnoxious…


So his apology read like,

“I’m sorry for telling you how I truly feel about you while I was angry about something else.”


While I certainly appreciate any apology at all, I know when they’re done incorrectly it can leave a situation or person who feels wronged worse off. There’s an ART to apologies and the most important element is sincerity. Successful apologies show sincerity by expressing remorse and vulnerability. Successful apologies don’t make excuses or explain their actions away. They take so much courage by assuming responsibility for a wrong. That is a tough place to be, and often times it is why people will refuse to apologize in many instances, or do so in a sincere way.


This is important. An inspiring leader understands how to apologize effectively and in turn creates a cohesive environment.  Imagine when your boss never owns up to their mistakes and instead creates tension and animosity..


Imagine when your boyfriend or girlfriend hurts your feelings (however intentional) by commenting on your appearance and refuses to say sorry for how they made you feel. There’s a difference between saying;


“I’m sorry you felt bad when I said you should go back to the gym but I was just trying to help.”


“I’m sorry I hurt you by saying you should go back to the gym. It was rude and inconsiderate of me and I have no place to  tell you what you should do with your body when I’m not in the best shape myself” lol extreme example but it has all the elements! 


  1. Acknowledgment of their feelings which in turn validates the hurt you caused, rather than belittles them
  2. Expresses remorse for your sometimes embarrassing actions
  3. Takes responsibility and doesn’t make excuses
  4. Here’s a bonus; it makes you a loser in the situation (hear me out)…When you acknowledge something like how you have no place to judge when you aren’t even in the best shape that takes you down a notch and leaves you more likely to be forgiven. The person apologizing has to convince the receiver that they are paying for their actions in some way, be it monetarily with something like flowers or by lowering one’s self (There’s studies on this – TRUST, NOT FAKE NEWS). 


No one wants to be wrong (myself massively included)…Saying sorry is hard but we all have to…or at least should do it sometime. And knowing how to be a Picasso of Apologies is an underrated yet dire social skill. Sometimes, what helps me (depending on the situation) is remembering that apologizing is hard and takes a lot of courage, but it takes an even stronger person to receive that apology and forgive. Last thing; I’m sorry this post was so long (or am I?). 😉