Episode 84: Get Yourself Some Ballz!

In this day and age where people can identify as whatever they like, The Relatables find themselves looking to convert to Judaism. This leads to Dean questioning Zack on how important religion should be in raising a child. The guys also talk about how church has become very mainstream in its tactics, becoming a black belt in relationships, and drop a few Relatable Recommendations. Please like, share, subscribe and as always, Stay Relatable!

Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah

Cat Stevens – Father and Son

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Take 7 (w/ Rae Nimock)

Annnnnnddd Were Back! In this session, Rae Nimock offers a female perspective on some charged topics. We try to convince Rae that social media isn’t as bad as she thinks, talk about who really posts things online, shed light on the ways of Tinder, and Dean tries to to give single advice on relationships. As promised, Rae can now be reached at rln.tless.

(Recorded: 5/13/2016)

Lauryn Hill – Everything is Everything

Lauryn Hill – Killing Them Softly

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