Episode 63: KC Sosa (w/ KC Sosa)

Episode 63 sheds a spotlight on up and coming musician, KC Sosa. KC is a long time acquaintance of The Relatables and Zack and Dean can’t help but to admire his persistent hustle. The guys may have gotten a lil’ too toasty before the podcast but it was action packed as they inevitably get in to: Trump Talk, KC’s recent viral success, and SING SONG SUNDEE RETURNS. Dean and KC drop hot freestyles while Zack…tries. Listen to KC Sosa’s album “Roze” as it drops Valentine’s Day. Check it out here. Please like, share, subscribe and as always, Stay Relatable!



Saba – Westside Bound 3 (ft. Joseph Chilliams)

KC Sosa – Stranger (ft. Yuna)

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