Episode 171: Rich Black or Poor White?

We throw it back to 2013 with some “Would You Rathers”, talk about how we would be if we were a different race, being intimidated by father figures, fighting back in the old days, whether or not we’d be on a reality show, UFC 249 and The Last Dance.

Episode 170: Tip the Chef

Quarantine seems to be nearing an end. Georgia reopens restaurants. Why are we tipping servers at restaurants and not the chefs? NCAA may allow athletes to receive sponsorships next year. Would you rather burp or fart scents? Kim Jong Un may have died. Duval checks. Relatable recommendations.

Episode 166: NicoFiend

We tried not to talk too much about the Coronavirus and this quarantine but it was impossible. We miss comedy, bars, and sneezing on people. Hope your g-parents is aight. Shop through the Amazon banner on our website please!