Considering you’re reading this on one of your many devices, doing shit you don’t care about is unnecessary. I don’t mean the every day things e.g., brushing your teeth, doing the dishes, taking your baby for a walk- of course all of those are necessary activities. I think big life things, like what you do to make money, who you spend your time with and just overall how you spend your time is way more in your control than you think. Your boring/unfulfilling job, that partner that adds tension and anxiety, and the agony of you not chasing your passion day after day can go away quicker than a rat snap. That shit is unnecessary.

Sure, most of us need jobs to survive but not at the mental expense that most of us don’t even realize. I’ve always heard that a salary never made anyone rich and with almost 13 years of vastly different job experience, it’s starting to ring alarmingly true. My goal isn’t to be rich but instead to one day have personal satisfaction and piece of mind in knowing  that I am self-sustainable without burden on other people. This goal will never happen as long as I to pursue mid-level management at some company that doesn’t really care about me or what my goals are outside of said company. People think they have assurance and security at big, established firms but at the end of the day, they’re putting their futures in the hands of people who only see them as a box in a hierarchy connected by segmented lines. I think this reality for them deep down in their subconscious and comes out through PTA beefs, stamp collections and too many happy hours. That shit is sad and unnecessary.

People need people, that’s true. It’s also true that people can be your biggest downfall. We all have an archetype built in for people we meet in our life, even if we don’t realize it. We trust the doughy, well kept, fair-skinned mom type because of movies and maternal figures in our lives and are attracted to hour glass figured, high heeled women because of the same type of thing (movies and media). That kind of stuff creeps in with your partners as well. Physical attraction is a motherfucker because it can trick our brains in to thinking a person is good for us even though all signs point to the contrary. The bottom line is, if your partner doesn’t make you feel good about yourself or doesn’t make you a better person, ya dip. That shit is unnecessary.

Most (if not all) of what I’m saying has been said and harped on before but I know there’s at least one of you that needed to read these words today. I don’t think my blog post is going to change your life but it could be one more grain of sand tilting the scale towards making a decision to change…and I’ll take that. Just remember that the things you choose to do everyday and the people you choose to be around should lift you up and make you better. If not, ya dip. That shit is unnecessary.

The Business of Humanity

I hope the title made you think, “damn this kid is a wordsmith!” And if not, you won’t be disappointed.

Woke Culture is among us and I think it’s a good thing. People are starting to look toward the bigger picture; global warming, gender fluidity, equality. People are having conversations they might not have considered or are exploring ideas they might never have looked at. With this newfound knowledge, people are taking more ownership of their decisions, and holding others more accountable.

The connection I’m trying to make is we’ve gotten so connected through the internet that there is almost like a global consciousness. Businesses are acting like individuals, even given some rights as such. But one interesting thing about business is it strives to survive and protect itself, whether it’s for profit and innovation or other means.

I think before people were more disconnected and didn’t have anything to invest in, especially in issues that weren’t personal or close to their own. With the internet, everyone is aware and can take stock in the collective of humanity. It’s like we are all small business owners who know if we allow racism, it’s like someone stealing at your job. We all are moving forward as a humanity to survive and protect ourselves while trying understand things like nuclear energy and our impact on our planet.

The point is, everyone plays a role in making the world a better place. If humanity was your small upstart, self-employed business, who would you hire? How would you operate? What would you sell?

Episode 83: Thought Gym™

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