Episode 146: Life In Transit (@dancewithmagic)

Logan Duhammel stops by to let the guys in on his experiences during a 6 month long journey driving all over the country. From Florida to Oregon and then all way back up to Rhode Island, Logan tells The Relatables all about his run-in with the law, epic hookups and even a little bit about how he converted his Ford Transit van to living quarters. Lots of wisdom and laughs in this one!

Ween – So Many People In The Neighborhood

Ween – Ocean Man

Episode 56: You Ever Driven A Tesla? (w/ Zach “James”)

The Relatables are back – this time not alone. Zach “James” joins the guys to discuss everything from his love for Adidas to how robots are eventually going to take over. Yeah, it’s one of THOSE episodes! Dean brings up music festivals while Zack drops a new show suggestion for the week. Be on the lookout for more great guests this month! Please like, share, subscribe and as always, Stay Relatable!





Goldfinger – Superman

The Great Escape (Nebbr Remix) – I Can’t Resist

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Take 2 

The second episode of this ever-growing saga takes us through the wild world of Zach’s old iPhone notes, questions the barbaric nature of MMA, and the scam that is outlet malls. Oh yeah, and a little bit of Zach’s poetry….

(Recorded: 4/26/2016)

Classixx – All You’re Waiting For

Phoenix – Lisztomania (Classixx Remix)

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