Mixing Worlds

I have trouble mixing worlds sometimes. Like I don’t want to mix my work life with my comedy life, my comedy life with my family life and I definitely don’t want to mix my “life life” with any one of those.

Most of you are confused (as you should be) because this makes no fucking sense. For those it does make sense for, we have to do better. Your worlds should always be colliding and making each other better. If you can’t mix your worlds, maybe one of them isn’t for you.

If you’re scared to introduce your significant other to your friends, one or the other doesn’t belong. If you can’t be the same person you are at work with your friends, why work in a place you don’t feel comfortable? You spend at least 40 hours a week around people who you can’t be yourself around? Fuck that.

I think I’m afraid of mixing because I know I don’t behave the same in either world. I’m afraid of letting my guard down to let people see vulnerabilities and inconsistencies between varying “worlds”. Maybe I’m just a big fat phony. Maybe I’m just SO self aware that I recognize it and others don’t. I don’t know.

What I do know is that you when I mix the worlds, they usually get along just fine and my anxiety dampens as soon as I realize no one really cares. Everyone usually gets along and can relate on some level or another.

Don’t be like me, mix your worlds.

Practice Makes Perfect

Everyone who is anyone has heard the phrase “practice makes perfect”. As a kid, I played every sport I could. I’ve played almost all the common sports in some organized fashion. Well, all of them except for hockey (for obvious reasons), although I do love The Mighty Ducks, and always wanted to try street hockey…but that’s beside the point.

Speaking of, I’ve noticed that I have a reoccurring pattern in my writing. I start with a premise or viewpoint or whatever, and as I try to describe it or relate it, I always get pulled into some other direction. It’s like I know what I want to say, and as I say it, I want to say more. It sounds weird but I feel like my thoughts are like cats on fire in my head- bouncing around all over the place. Forming a complete thought is like trying to herd them to a lake…

If you know, you know. If not, I guess that was just for me, and ill deal with the CPR later.

The crazy part of trying things when you are young is that there is endless potential in everything you do. My dad used to have this saying, especially whenever I was learning to play a new instrument. He would say something to effect of, “How many fingers does Ray Charles/Jimi Hendrix/whoever have?” I’d answer with the obvious, 10. And he’d continue, “How many keys does he have on his piano/guitar/whatever?” I’d answer, “The same amount I have”. And he’d say with confidence, “The only difference between you and them is a little bit of talent and a whole lot of time,” which was my cue to practice.

I’ve learned recently that some people are naturally funny, but in trying stand up comedy, I know that you can even get better at that too. I know that the hard work I’m putting in now will make me better in the future. I know that the more I write these blogs, the better I will become at focusing my thoughts, and conveying my true message.

If you want to get better at something, practice! Afraid to talk to girls? Practice! Want to become a morning person? Practice! Want to be a better friend/spouse/brother/sister? Practice! Basically, what I’m saying is, life is a journey and (almost) anything is possible. If you want it, reach. If you enjoy it, practice!

(no animals were/are harmed in the writing of this blog)

Back Dated

I’m a day late, but never a story short. Hence the title. But I kept trying to think of something of substance to write about this week until the final hour, and I fucked around, like Lamar Odom at All-Star Weekend.

Earlier this year I read David Goggin’s book Can’t Hurt Me. Well, I listened to the audiobook but same difference. But he mentions something in there about the difference between motivation and drive. As I made some changes in my life, I’ve noticed the things that have driven me and the things that have motivated me.

I’ve been motivated, like everyone else, to do a lot of things in my life. To get in shape, to “get this bread,” to chase my dreams. I’ve also been driven to do many others, like pursue comedy and be true to myself.

He describes motivation as a spark of inspiration, usually lasting a couple of weeks. Then drifting away, like the books you were going to read or the diet you were going to stick to. But one thing he highlights is that motivation is like an adrenaline dump, and after it’s gone you’re left with pure will.

The will to do or to not.

Drive usually results in a lifestyle change and the effects last much longer than motivation.

There is a lot of grey area in the space between motivation and drive. And in this space we usually find ourselves faced with the question to challenge ourselves to the unknown or to welcome back the familiar.

He advises to look for things that drive you. I like to think of it as motivation being a pushing force, that when it’s behind you can force you to do things you wouldn’t before, but when that push is gone, the struggle falls back on you. I describe drive, on the other hand, as a pull. A force that draws you to it, like a siren to the rocks, or a moth to a light. It’s an incessant desire for a certain dream or person or place. Motivation is deciding to fight, and Drive is the plan you have after you get hit. Eh, works for me. But my point is find the things in life that drive you, whether it’s to a pursuit of happiness, or betterment, or just cause. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Episode 120: Sports Is Coming

Spring is here and so are playoff sports. No, this isn’t a sports podcast but there’s just so much going on that The Relatables had to relate. They go over the incredible Tiger comeback, savage UFC 236 fights and give their heart’s picks to win it all in the NBA. Zack details some of his time working in the mall and Dean tries to decide how to wisely use his time.

DaBaby – Walker Texas Ranger

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Episode 91: Soupy Cuppa Culture

Sit back, open your thermos, and enjoy a hot sip of this Soupy Cuppa Culture! The guys get into everything from Dean’s recent Jiu Jitsu success to Zack’s most recent experiences working at the Comedy Zone. What would your LAST meal be? What’s going on in NBA free agency? Stay tuned for answers to these questions and much, much more. Please like, share subscribe and as always, Stay Relatable!



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