Sleep on It

I was trying to get this done before the melatonin started to hit. I think it’s too late. I Googled “Why is my brain in a fog” today and wasn’t surprised at the results. It was so obvious that I laughed out loud. I mean, obviously if you don’t get enough sleep and aren’t eating adequately, you tend to get a little spacey. It’s so funny to think about how smart I think I am and then when I actually examine my behaviors, they clearly aren’t those of an intelligent person. I don’t know. Melatonin gotta nilla* wafered, nawmeen? I’m out. I hope Kawhi and Drake get the win tonight. We’ll see in the morning.


*nilla– a term coined by the comedian Andrew Shultz close in meaning to the slang African-American “n-word” referring to one’s confidant or compadre

ie. “I was pulling out of work yesterday and this nilla in a turtleneck totally cut me off.”

Episode 76: Let’s Talk Some Shit

The guys vent harder than a meth lab in the middle of the Sahara. A recent Facebook thread dominated most of the conversation (starting at 42:00) as Zack and Dean try to make sense of the remote far left. They also talk; the recent Fyre Festival debacle, inventing a fake language and how they’d react in certain social situations. If you ever want to come on the podcast to debate or educate, let them know! In the meantime, please like, share, subscribe and as always, Stay Relatable!



Maya Angelou – Still I Rise (Caged Bird Songs)

Sidereal – Lazy Saturday (ft. Tay$e)


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