Daily Blog #6

I was at the barber shop a few weeks ago and remember a dad with his out of control son. The dad was in his early thirties and the son was barely walking confidently. The son was cute at first but then you could tell the dad started to get embarrassed and impatient as he sat to get a cut. The little guy didn’t give one shit and at one point neither did the dad as he let the freshly faded fucktard run all over the shop while he was scrolling through some sort of timeline (most likely Instagram). I smirked until I realized a potentially depressing twist…this is a weekend dad. I know I want kids but I’m scared I’ll turn in to one of these. Now obviously I don’t know this dude, he could be the best dad in the world but on this particular Saturday, he was over it- this time was about him…forget everyone else trying to have a relaxing wait in the barber shop. OR, he could be the same dude I worry about becoming. We all know people who do the big life things like get married, have kids, buy a house, and settle down just because they think that’s the next obvious step, with little to no thought as to what else they could get out of life. Don’t get me wrong, some people’s natural progression in life is to do those things but I think a lot of people force it. These are the same people who hit up every happy hour during the week and use the weekends as offspring photo opps for their social media timelines. Moral of the post today is: don’t force it. I’m about to run out of time so that’s it. Sorry if you think calling that kid fucktard was a little harsh but you guys weren’t there.