Episode 122: Mormon, Moldy, Moist

Recorded on a Sundee, dropped on a Wednesday…Zack’s gotta do better. The boys get topical. A bartender is charged for serving a murderer. Don’t let your forbidden fruits rot. What kind of guy would you want to date your daughter?

Schoolboy Q – Floating (feat. 21 Savage)

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Simple Man

Daily Blog #5

No, I didn’t forget about ya. I’m here, I’m here. I set an alarm to remind myself to keep plugging away at this stupid, self imposed daily blog assignment on this 4/20 holiday. I support the holiday but I don’t celebrate this holiday publicly. I’m at the point in my life where if you don’t know I smoke weed, I don’t want you to. I don’t really know what that means but if you think about it, it’s pretty freaking deep bro. Maybe not. Today I’ve had a quarter pan of salted caramel brownies, two oatmeal cream pies, a star crunch, an entire pack of Trolli worms and an entire bag of cheddar Chex mix. Don’t judge, I did hot yoga for the first time this morning…I deserve it. Speaking of, I learned today that any time I hear someone non-ironically use the word “Namaste” during the course of a normal conversation it makes be smile uncontrollably, so maybe it does work? I don’t have a favorite pose but I did enjoy hearing people breathe for an hour. It honestly felt amazing but I feel like I have to shit on it a little to keep my edge. Why are all white people Saturday morning recreational activities so expensive though?  Also, why isn’t Yoga used as therapy the same way psychologists and psychiatrists are? Like why can’t my insurance pay for Yoga as a mental health service? Why doesn’t insurance cover all hobbies that preoccupy you and promote growth as a mental health service? Am I only asking questions to fill my word limit because I only have ten minutes left to write this? Maybe. Should you try Yoga? Maybe.

DB #2

I’m frantically typing this at work as the last few minutes of my unpaid lunch break expire. I’ve tried not to put too much thought in writing a blog because honestly I think blogs are lame but this was all I could think about this morning. What should I say? What should my point of view be? Why do questions in writings almost always come in threes? I’m not a writer but I so desperately want to be…so this is me doing that. I try to write jokes because in my brain it’s less pretentious than writing something that is self reflective. Even as I typed out that last sentence my brain said, “But great jokes are self reflective if you really think about it.” Fucking douche. Speaking of douche, I’m renaming the blog “DB”. It’s a play on words (or letters) that could mean “Daily Blog” or “Douche Bag”. I don’t really think I’m a douche bag but I do think that’s how I’m perceived so it’s not really up to me, is it? I’m jumping around a lot here but that’s kind of the point. I’ll get better at putting more cohesive thoughts and ideas together as I do more of these but I think it’s important that you all see how shitty I was at the beginning of this thing and then scroll to the point where you might actually get something out of my daily ramblings. I’m just about at the 250 word mark so I’ll keep typing for another second and leave you with my thoughts for today. Bye.


Episode 54: I Love Jacksonville (w/ Ryan Bass)

What could possibly be the most informative episode of the podcast, political hopeful, Ryan Bass, comes by the studio to release a heavy intellectual load into the minds of The Relatables. His math/political science background shaped the conversation as the guys delve through both local and national hot-button issues. They shed light on topics such as: gun control, Ryan’s work with Congressman Rutherford, Jacksonville’s economy and our President-Elect Donald Trump.

You can tell from the interview that whether it’s behind the scenes or in the spotlight, Ryan is poised to make a difference. It was a honor for The Relatables to sit down and pick his brain. Please like, share, subscribe and as always, Stay Relatable!

Green Day – Holiday

Infinite of Tal-kin Trees – I’m From Duval

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