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When I was growing up (just like almost every other kid), my parents, grandparents, friends and coaches would all take pictures. Most kids can find a photo album of them doing everything from playing at the beach, to opening Christmas presents.

But at some point around middle or high school, the pictures stopped. At least for me, anyway. I’ve always had a weird thing about being in the moment and present, and taking out a camera always killed that for me. I was never opposed to group photos or pictures, but I grew away from stopping the moment to capture the moment.

With the internet and social media, content is king, and if it’s not text, audio, video, or picture, it doesn’t exist. From taking pictures of food to girls doing cooking tutorials in just a bikini, the internet has a place for everything.

This past weekend was Father’s Day, and social media was flooded with girls posting their wedding pictures with dad, boats days with dad, and food posts from fathers saying they are the luckiest man alive. To me, these moments and holidays are intimate- they are to be spent with the ones around you and cherished. But there are a few holidays that are poised for social media, and if played right could certainly add to your “clout”.

In the realm of holidays some are more powerful than others, with the 4 horsemen being; Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, The 4thof July, and New Year’s Eve. These are what I consider “social media holidays”, where one is compelled to show the world they do/did in fact have parents and weren’t born in a lab. There’s the 4th, a day where the hashtag #SunsOutBunsOut is pushed to the absolute limit and who can forget New Year’s Eve, the holiday with the most creative captions, usually consisting of song lyrics (most likely Drake) or squad/couple goals.

Honorable mentions of “social media” holidays include Halloween and Valentine’s Day for the thirst traps and the “forever loves”. There is no real point to make here, just the observation, that with theses changing times, the times they are a changing. What if there was a Social Media Day, where we celebrated clean airspace, free of radio waves or Wi-Fi? Idk, Just a Thought.


I always end up hating my job. I can’t tell if it’s because I don’t want to work for other people or because I’ve always signed up to work for the wrong people. Now before you think I’m taking shots at my direct managers, I’m not, I actually appreciate the people I interact and work for. I’m not above or better than anyone, I’ve just always had problems with the way companies are run…especially big companies that I’ve been apart of during my office “career”. Companies get so big that they can’t possibly be efficient. They get so big that employees within the company (especially myself) feel like nothing they do as an impact or matters. I work for a giant healthcare company now. They have so many “benefit” programs and miscellaneous publications that I wonder if they want to stick to their core competencies at all or they just want to skim off of the people who earn money for them.

My first job was cashiering for Al’s Pizza. I loved that place and it was the perfect fit for a high school stoner. I’d smoke a bowl in the back parking lot before work, put in my 4-6 hours and then dip out with free pizza. Ah, back when times were much simpler. It wasn’t rewarding but it served a purpose at that time in my life. It taught me about punctuality and serving others.

Next, I worked as filing clerk for a law firm. I actually made pretty decent money but as you know, lawyers aren’t the most fascinating of people. It turned me off from pursuing law as I realized I was having the same interactions and I eventually got bored after exactly a year. After all, I only took up an office job to prove to my parents that I was professional enough to work for the family company. So, after almost exactly a year, I put my notice in and decided to work alongside my parents.

Working with and for my parents will be a separate post in itself. That’s WAY too much to get in to right now. I think you all understand.

After I realized I wasn’t exactly a chip off the ole block, I got a job at a comedy club. That was the most fun job I’ve ever had but it just didn’t pay enough for the time I put in. I love comedy but I value my time and sanity more than laughs and free nachos, so I eventually had to move on from that.

Then I worked for a “logistics” company. Basically, my job was to sell “lanes” to truck drivers to move freight from Point A to Point B. It was an experience. I got to learn about the backbone of American trade while earning a decent paycheck. Eventually my girlfriend and I made the decision to move away from home in Jacksonville, Florida and head north to where I reside today, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

That leads me back to the healthcare company I currently work for. Now, I have to throw some caveats in about my earlier comments on inefficiency. In my current employer’s defense, The United State’s healthcare system is so fucked up that I don’t think it’s possible to run an efficient business in it. There are just too many patients and hospitals and doctors and illnesses and accidents that there’s almost no way things can run smoothly. I don’t want to get too much in the weeds here but big companies like the one I work for just seem too big and cumbersome to navigate not only the healthcare industry but the world around it. There are complex systems and devoted employees that revolve around things that don’t add value. Things like PTO software, internal online shopping stores for knickknacks, company specific podcasts and the like are byproducts of a bloated business entity. I might have lost most of you and that’s because I can’t be too specific right now (for obvious reasons). Some of you feel my pain though. Like why did my company rent out a football stadium for our annual Christmas party? Couldn’t they have just given everyone bonuses and boosted “morale” that way?

What I’m getting at with all of this is that I don’t think most people are job compatible. At least, I know I’m not. I need to figure out how to stop working for people and move away from the “income to live” trap. I can’t stand when people say, “Be your own boss”, because I never want to look or think of myself as a “boss” but I want to eventually be free of a set schedule and predefined expectations as to what my output should be.

I want to wake up everyday with the freedom to do exactly what I want, create value in people’s lives and ultimately be self sustainable. I guess that kind of starts with this website. I want it to work for me but that won’t happen until I bring something of value to the people who visit. That’s where you come in.

What could I possibly do to create value in your life? What do you want me to research and refine so you don’t have to? Just let me know, I’m all ears (and eyes).


Take 7 (w/ Rae Nimock)

Annnnnnddd Were Back! In this session, Rae Nimock offers a female perspective on some charged topics. We try to convince Rae that social media isn’t as bad as she thinks, talk about who really posts things online, shed light on the ways of Tinder, and Dean tries to to give single advice on relationships. As promised, Rae can now be reached at rln.tless.

(Recorded: 5/13/2016)

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